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Adding Osano as a Bookmark App in Okta

One click authenticated login to the my.osano.com application

Osano makes use of Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Cognito service to perform user authentication operations. AWS Cognito does not currently support identity provider (idP) initiated authentication scenarios and only supports service provider (SP) initiated authentication. An idP experience can be simulated, however, via Okta's Bookmark App support. To configure Osano as a Bookmark App, first follow the instructions in the Okta setup guide: https://docs.osano.com/configuring-okta-for-sso

Once the above has been completed and login to the my.osano.com app has been successfully tested, follow the steps outlined here: https://support.okta.com/help/s/article/How-do-you-create-a-bookmark-app

On step 6, enter the following for the field with the description "The URL of the login page for this app":


Finish the remaining steps and your idP simulated authentication experience should now be complete.