Remove the Cookie Widget

One question that we sometimes get asked, is "Can Change/Remove the Cookie Widget/Icon from the bottom of the screen?"

The answer is: "Yes, using CSS." (View Customizing/Styling Osano CMP for all CSS classes)

There is, however, a caveat. If you remove the cookie widget, you MUST give your users another way of accessing the Storage/Cookie Preferences. You could do this by changing the cookie widget to something more brand-specific, or removing the widget entirely and triggering the drawer with a text link. This is your choice, but to be compliant, you MUST provide the option for your users to see and change their cookie storage preference. 

To hide the Cookie Widget:

  • .osano-cm-widget { display: none; }

To trigger the Storage/Cookie preferences drawer, you can utilize the following Javascript: 

    • This is the preferred method
    • This is accepted, but we recommend using
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