Westin Release

All Osano releases are now named after famous contributors in the world of privacy! For this release, our team selected Alan Westin for his contributions to privacy rights. Learn more about Alan Westin and why we chose him.

Here's what's new for this Westin update on September 8th, 2020:

NOTE: This release contains changes to the consent manager code base. If possible, please be sure to test these changes in a pre-production environment prior to publishing into production.

New features

  • New Consent Manager preview [All Plans]
    • The CMP “styling” preview now supports a preview of language translations and popup styling by geographic location.
    • Additional switches have been added to “show” or “hide” each Consent Manager component independently in the preview.
    • A world map view has been added to aid in visualizing consent styles in different geographies.
    • Separation of display preview vs. configuration styling.
  • Consent Manager Versioning and Rollback [Enterprise Only].
    • Consent Manager configurations are now automatically versioned after each publish.
    • Enterprise plan customers now have the ability to rollback their Consent Manager to a previous publication, which will restore all of the settings and behaviors that were published at that point in time. Rollback will revert all settings, styling, script/cookie/iframe rules, and disclosures back to the selected version.
      • Note: After rolling back, you may need to refresh to see the changes.
      • Note: The rollback process does not impact the logged in Osano user experience.
  • iFrame blocking support [Enterprise and Business+]
    • The Osano CMP can now identify and classify iFrames in the same way that it does scripts and cookies.
    • iFrame support can be enabled separately from the existing cookie and script support and functions exactly the same as the cookie and script categorization features.
  • Multiple Sub-Domain Support in Consent Manager settings
    • In the Consent Manager “Settings”, users can now add multiple sub-domains to apply to a single consent manager configuration.
    • Each sub-domain in a configuration must match the same root domain and a single root domain that applies to all sub-domains is still a valid configuration.
    • Cross-domain support will still require the cross-domain feature to be enabled.
    • Subdomains can now be edited between CMP saves/publishes.
  • Consent Manager Configuration Duplication [All Plans]
    • You can now create copies of consent manager configurations.
    • Duplicated configurations will copy over the basic settings, script/cookie/iframe rules, and styling to a newly named configuration.
    • New domains must be specified before the copy operation will be accepted.
      • Note: Sitemap and scan URLs will not be copied to the new configuration.
  • IAB TCF 2.0 Support and enhanced screens [Enterprise Only]
    • IAB TCF 2.0 Switch added for enterprise accounts.  
    • New IAB tab that will allow users to add IAB Vendors so that end users have greater control over what IAB vendors can do with their data. 
    • Updated user experience in line with the IAB TCF 2.0 Guidelines 
  • New Consent Manager script API functions for eventing consent changes
  • Improved WCAG/ADA voice navigation for Consent Manager script
  • Data Subject Access Request Features [Enterprise]
    • Additional option to skip identity verification in the DSAR workflow.
    • Additional option to customize or remove DSAR "request type" and "requestor type" fields within the legally required DSAR fields.
  • DSAR Form Duplication
    • You can now create copies of DSAR Forms.
    • Duplicated forms will copy over all form field selections and styling.


  • Consent Manager Enhancements
    • Improved WCAG [Web Content Accessibility Guidelines] /ADA [American’s with Disabilities Act] voice and keyboard navigation for Consent Manager.
    • Greatly improved query speeds when searching recorded end-user consents.
    • Updated the Osano curated cookie and script tracker data sets to improve the cookie and script matching process.
    • Tracker category "Blacklist" renamed "Blocklist". The functionality remains the same.
    • Consent Manager cookie and local storage values are now encrypted for enhanced security.
    • URL Sitemap scanning feature has been separated into its own tab in the Consent Manager interface.
    • Consent Manager tracker classification editor performance improvements.
    • "Data Storage Policy" text now includes a dropdown selector for selecting verbiage.
    • A data storage policy link has been added as an option to the Consent Manager script drawer display.
  • DSAR Enhancements
    • DSAR verification email is now more generic.
    • Changed "Unassigned" status of DSAR request Datasources to the more descriptive "Assignment In-Progress".
    • Added "Request ID" column to DSAR submission listings for ease of identification.
    • "Overdue" flag to only display for incomplete DSAR requests.
    • Various DSAR request listing sorting enhancements.
    • DSAR Form submission button is now disabled until all requirements are met.
  • Misc. Enhancements
    • Case sensitivity warning added to the application login UI.
    • Renamed Ask Privacy Expert to Consult Privacy Team.
    • Removed DSAR summary from Dashboard to facilitate later dashboard enhancements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed minor DSAR misspelling in web application notification events.
  • Fix for when lawsuit notifications continue after the customer unfollows the vendor's product.
  • Consent Manager configurations where CCPA opt-out mode is enabled was not displaying the correct dialog variant.
  • Fix for Consent Manager script scenario where storage limits for browser local storage is being overrun by tattle data.
  • Fix for DSAR iframe height always being set to 0 when embedded on a customer's page.
  • Fix for Listener mode console errors.
  • Fix for Permissive mode blocking anonymously created scripts.
  • Fix for the form name not appearing in DSAR email templates.
  • Fix for fields resetting when saving a different row than the one you're currently editing.
  • Fix for sorting cookies by expiry resulting in an error message.
  • Fix for data elements marked "do not notify" being displayed in request completion emails.
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