In Osano, Organizations allow you to group users based on common unifiers (ex. Location, Department, Teams, etc.). Organizations can be used in conjunction with Roles to further control what users can access within the Osano application. By assigning users to an Organization(s), you can further control what those users have access to within the Osano application. 

Organizations can be added to: 

  1. Users 
  2. Consent Manager Configurations 
  3. DSAR Forms. 

Note: Only ADMIN users can assign organizations to other users. 

Organizations are a powerful feature that not all customers may want to use. As such, they are optional. Some everyday use cases include:

  • We run two entirely different businesses, and I’d like this web developer to only have access to the consent configuration they are responsible for
  • We are a parent company with many sub-companies. We have a separate DSAR form for each sub-company. I want to limit access to each form and associated requests to the people working in that Organization.


Users with assigned Organizations can access CMP configurations, and DSAR forms attached to the same Organization provided their user roles allow them access to this content. They will also be able to access CMP configurations and DSAR forms that belong to no Organizations.

Administrators can assign users to 0 or more Organizations. 

Administrators will be automatically assigned to all organizations. This applies to any user who has or gets the Administrator role added. This is uneditable (i.e., edits will not persist on save.) 

    • If the administrator role is removed from a user, the organization(s) will remain. Organizations can be removed from all roles other than administrators.

After adding organizations to a user, you may need to refresh the page to see the change take effect.

Note: If a user has NO ORGANIZATION assigned, they will have access to ALL data relevant to their user role across all Organizations. 

Consent Manager Configurations

Administrators and Consent Managers can assign Consent Manager Configurations to 0 or more Organizations. They can be used to isolate which users can access which consent manager configurations. Only users with the appropriate role(s) within the same organization(s) can access consent manager configurations within that same Organization. 

Exception: Users with the appropriate roles and NO organization can access ALL consent manager configurations. 

DSAR Forms

Administrators and Data Subject Owners can assign DSAR Forms to 0 or more Organizations. They can be used to isolate which users can access which DSAR Forms and connected DSAR submissions. Only users with the appropriate role(s) within the same organization(s) can access DSAR forms and submissions within that same Organization. 

Exception: Users with the appropriate roles and NO organization can access ALL DSAR forms and request submissions. 

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