Creating the Cookie Popup [osano.js]

Generating the Osano Cookie Popup Code

Creating a consent management implementation is simple and takes just a few minutes. Navigate to the "Consent Management" tab in Osano, and create a new configuration. In the configuration settings, add the following: 

  • A name (unique identifier - internal use only)

  • Any additional settings
    • CCPA Opt-Out Mode (Business, Business+, Enterprise) 
      • By default, Osano utilizes an Opt-In dialog for users accessing from the US. When enabled, this option counteracts this setting and turns the opt-in dialog into an opt-out. This option is compliant with CCPA. [For more information, see CCPA Opt-Out Mode]
    • IAB EU TCF 2.0 (Enterprise Only) 
      • When enabled, this switch changes all cookie popups in the EU to IAB defined and compliant popups. [For more information, see Osano and the IAB Framework.]
    • First Layer Categories (Business, Business+, Enterprise) 
      • By default, Osano utilizes a popup containing all opt-in categories for users accessing from the EU and other select locales. When disabled, this option counteracts this setting and turns the popup into a "Manage Preferences" popup.  [For more information, see First Layer Categories | Manage Preferences.]
    • Cross-Domain (Enterprise Only) 
      • When enabled you have the option to add multiple domains into your configuration settings, which enable initial consents to be shared across unrelated domains owned by the same entity. Simply add a domain, "tab," and add additional domains. (Some domain restrictions apply). [For more information, see Cross-Domain Support.]

The root domain that your web site is hosted on. 

    • Ex. If you own, but your web site is hosted on, you will want to enter only Osano automatically works with subdomains of your website with no additional configuration.

  • Policy Link Text - The text displayed on the cookie popup that links the customer to one of the following policies: 
    • Cookie Notice, Cookie Policy, Data Storage Policy, Privacy Notice, Privacy Policy.

  • Policy Link URL - The URL link to the aforementioned policy.
  • Click "Create Configuration." The "Create Configuration" button text will change to "Publish."

  • Click "Publish." A publishing modal will pop up. 

  • When prompted, click "Clear and Publish."

  • Once the publish has been completed, the "Get Code" button will activate and become clickable. Click "Get Code" to access the javascript, which generates the cookie popup.

Continue to Installing Osano for instructions on adding the osano.js to your site.

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