Inviting New Users

Depending upon your plan, you have the ability to invite new users up to the maximum number allowed for your plan.

When you invite a new user to Osano, they will receive an activation email with a link that they must click to activate their account. Upon activation, they must immediately change their password.

Adding a User:

Navigate to your account preferences on the top right-hand side of the screen: 

Go to "Users" and click the (+) button to add new users. 

You MUST fill in all fields before inviting new users. 

Osano includes several pre-defined roles:

  • Admin - Full access to everything
  • Browse - Read-only access to all sections of the application
  • Power User - Full access to everything except customer & billing
  • Purchasing - Access to customer billing info, read access to all other parts of the application with the exception that this role can not view lawsuit monitoring or consent management configuration.
  • User - Read-only access to all sections of the application except for billing and customer information. Has the ability to ask questions of the experts.

Click save and an activation email will be sent to the email entered. 

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