Release 2019.4

November 26th, 2019 Release

We regularly update the application to include customer-requested features and enhancements. Here's what's new for this update on November 26th, 2019:

New features

  • Hosted and/or embeddable Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) form available on qualified customer plans.
  • DSAR request details stored in encrypted form in blockchain for cryptographically verifiable customer end-user request retrieval.
  • DSAR data source management - add/remove various data sources involved in handling DSAR requests.
  • DSAR Datasource customer data request owners - add/remove organization members involved in servicing a DSAR request for a given data source.
  • DSAR request (6 types of requests) tracking and notifications to customers and customer DSAR end-users.
  • DSAR requestor email and identity verification to mitigate fraudulent/non-serious requests.
  • Notifications sent to customer admin on new DSAR requests.
  • Consent Manager script sub-domain support; Users can consent once to all sites below the root domain (e.g. one consent for both and
  • Consent Manager script cross-domain support for enterprise-class customers (e.g. one consent for both and owned by the same customer).


  • Consent Manager newly discovered uncategorized scripts triggers an email and in-app notification.
  • Consent Manager configuration option for centering the dialog.
  • Consent graph updated to also show consents by category (marketing, analytics, etc.).

Bug fixes

  • Consent Manager German language translation update.
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