Release 2019.5

December 18th, 2019 Release

We regularly update the application to include customer-requested features and enhancements. Here's what's new for this update on December 18th, 2019:

New features

  • New 'Permissive' mode for Consent Manager configurations which allows for a customer to default to not blocking 3rd parties that are uncategorized scripts/cookies. This is primarily intended for use on websites where ad-exchanges may be used and knowledge of all 3rd parties is not possible, for edge cases where strict mode breaks functionality, or for testing and staging. Learn about permissive mode
  • Cross-domain consent handling. Osano already includes cross sub-domain handling, now you can share consents across unrelated domains owned by the same entity.


  • Consent Manager tattle enhancements to handle much higher volumes of end-user tattles.
  • Consent Manager tattle triggers group all tattles and sends one request on a schedule to further improve browser performance.
  • Consent Manager tattle storage in the browser to prevent the end-user from re-tattling.
  • Consent Manager tattle throttling to reduce excessive notifications and to make the list of 3rd parties more manageable. Once you clear the queue of uncategorized scripts, Osano will resume tattling.
  • 'Inactive' and 'Active' Consent Manager modes have been renamed 'Listener' and 'Strict' modes.
  • Single initial on all product avatars.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Consent Manager publish status disappearing intermittently.
  • Notification update polling reliability fix.
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