Preview Consent Manager

When creating new configurations, all of these dialogs styles can be previewed in the "Style" section of your consent manager configuration.

When you are styling your consent manager, you are provided with the opportunity to preview the different types of dialog styles. 

You will see a dropdown such as this one below, but the mode you select in this dropdown does not affect what your visitors see. This is provided for you to be able to preview the colors and positioning of the dialog.

Visual Styling Preview

Osano's Consent Manager automatically displays the correct dialog that maps to the laws of the region in which your visitor is physically located. Visitors from EU member states (e.g. France, Germany) will see dialogs that comply with their country's interpretation of the GDPR and ePrivacy directive while visitors in the US will see dialogs that comply with the laws applicable to US citizens.

You can not override this behavior. If you would like to display dialogs that do not comply with regional laws then you should use a different consent management provider.

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