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Changing or Updating 2FA

If you need to update or change your 2FA setup, you can so in your Osano Administration portal. 

Click the profile icon in the top right corner of your screen. 

Navigate to "Account" -> "Security".

Here you can see what options you have configured as well as remove, add, or edit your 2FA selections. You can configure SMS, Authenticator, or both depending on your preference, but you must have AT LEAST one option configured to access your Osano account. 

Configure SMS

Click "Configure."

Enter the Phone Number you want to be associated with this account (be sure to include the country code). 

Click "Save Phone Number."

This phone number will receive a text message with a one time code.

Confirm your login by entering the 6-digit verification code.

Click "Save Phone Number" once more.

If successfully submitted, SMS will be configured and you will see a "Remove" button next to the SMS option. 

Change Associated Cell Phone Number

In order to change the cell phone number associated with your SMS setup, you must first "Remove" your current setup and reconfigure. Once removed, follow the steps to "Configure SMS" using the desired phone number. 

Configure Authenticator

Click "Configure."

Use your authenticator app to scan the QR code OR enter the secret key manually into your authenticator. 


Once added successfully, a randomized, one-time verification code will appear in your authenticator app. 

Confirm by clicking "Submit."

If successfully submitted, Authenticator will be configured and you will see a "Remove" button next to the authenticator option. 

Cannot Access

If for some reason you cannot access your authentication method (ex. lost phone, deleted authenticator, etc.), please contact Osano Support.