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Configuring Google for SSO

This is an Enterprise ONLY feature. To configure SSO, you MUST contact your Osano Support Representative

General Steps to Configure SSO via OIDC for Google SSO

Note: the Osano App is not available in GSuite Marketplace. It must be set up via OIDC.

  • Log in to your console.developers.google.com  select  API Manager
  • Create a new application
  • Select Web Application and fill the form on the screen.
    • Choose the name of the Apps
    • Add Authorized JavaScript Origins - https://auth.osano.com
    • Add Authorized redirect URIs  -  https:/auth.osano.com/oauth2/idpresponse  
  • Your new application will look like the following:

  • Save Client ID (ID and Secret) information and send them to your Osano administrator.