Customizing CMP Text

Osano does not permit customization of the text in the consent management dialogs. There are two key reasons for this:

  1. Our team has thoughtfully ensured that the language used complies with the numerous laws, changing it could have an adverse effect on your compliance status. The CMP dialogs meet the "clear & conspicuous" notice requirements of all data privacy laws, customization could result in no longer meeting those standards.
  2. The CMP dialogs have been translated by native speakers into 34 different languages. Were Osano to allow customization of the dialogs, this would require each customer to define the dialogs in 34 different languages or alternatively have dialogs in some languages that have a different meaning than others.

If you are an enterprise customer and wish to customize your consent dialog text, please contact support. There is a one-time fee for translation and implementation of consent dialogs for your account.