Customizing Cookie Popup Text

Customize the Cookie Popup Text, Buttons and Categories of the Consent Manager.

[Enterprise Only Feature]

Out of the Box, Osano provides text and language translations that meet necessary privacy standards. This language has been reviewed and approved by legal professionals and privacy experts. 

If you would like to change or adjust this language, you can do so within the Osano platform.

The following attributes can currently be adjusted: 

  • The 1st Layer Dialog Text (the Cookie Popup).
  • The Call to Action Buttons 
  • The Category Names 

IMPORTANT: Locations that display popup #6 do not support language customization. See which jurisdictions apply this popup HERE

Note: If you are utilizing IAB TCF 2.0 Support, you will be able to customize the Buttons and the Category Names. All other language is non-customizable as the IAB prescribes the text in order to maintain compliance. 


IMPORTANT: Note that utilizing text customization renders the "No Fines" pledge null in void. When customization is in use, Osano can no longer guarantee compliance in the language presented.

Customizing your Popup Text

Login to your Osano Account as an Administrator. 

Go to Consent Management. 

Click into the Consent Manager Configuration you wish to modify. 

Navigate to "Customizations." 

Scroll to the bottom where you will see "Text Customizations."

Here you will see 4 sections: 

  • First Layer Text
  • Button Labels
  • Category Labels
  • Category Descriptions

Click on the arrow (v) to expand the option. 

To customize, click on the text you wish to modify. 

Choose the translation you wish to modify.

NOTE: For all locations/translations for which you do not provide a translation, Osano will default back to the default text for that language. If you would like to enforce a SINGLE language and translation, you can do that by updating the translation for each supported language to your desired text. 

Update the text box with the text you wish to display. (You can update as many languages as desired in this same section.)

Save those changes. 

You will see a marker denoting how many translation customizations you currently have.

You can click back into this section to edit, delete or add in additional translations. 

You can view your changes by clicking on the world map to view a location whose default language you have modified.