Data Discovery setup FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about setting up and working with Data Discovery.

Q: Where do I get authentication information for my Provider?

A: Osano provides connection documentation for all supported Providers. If you do not have the appropriate access to that Provider, please reach out to your product administrator. This will typically be IT or someone of a similar function to request the required information. 


Q: I want to add a provider I don’t see listed.

A: If you would like to request a New Connection, please contact support using the help portal (?)  in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Submit a "Product Feedback" ticket. Include in this ticket the system you wish to connect to and a link to their website. Our team will evaluate (1) if a connection is possible and/or if any actionable data is available via a public API, and (2) the overall market demand for this provider. Once reviewed, Osano will determine whether to add support for this connection —free of charge!


Q: What happens if I have multiple instances for a single provider?

A: You can connect as many instances of a single provider as necessary to meet your needs.


Q: How long do scans take?

A: Most providers are scanned in less than 15 minutes.


Q: How long do searches take?

A: Most searches complete in less than 15 minutes.


Q: Who can view the results of my searches?

A: Any Admin or Data Discovery Manager can view the results of all searches. Please delete searches as needed.


Q: What if I don’t like the recommended classification?

A: You can override any recommendations. In fact, we encourage you to do so! Any user overrides are used to improve our recommendations in the future.