Data Subject Requests

Data Subject Request Menu

  • Request Submissions - Here you manage all DSAR Requests
    • List of all Pending and Past DSAR requests.
  • Request Submission Forms - Here you manage all custom DSAR forms
    • Editable list of all created DSAR Request forms 
  • Data Elements - Here you manage all Data Elements that make up particular Datasources
    • Editable list of all created Data Elements
  • Datasources - Here you manage all Datasources
    • Editable list of all created Datasources 
  • Datasource Action Items - Here you manage Individual Action Items
    • List of all Action Items for individual Datasource Admins/Admins

Request Submissions - See the linked document "Data Subject Request Submissions."

Request Submission Forms - See the linked document "Creating a Request Submission Form."

Data Elements - See the linked document "Managing Data Elements."

Datasources - See the linked document "Managing Datasources."

Datasource Action Items - See the linked document "Datasource Action Items."