Datasource Action Items

Datasource Action Items

***NOTE: All Datasource owners MUST be users of Osano in order to be assigned to a Datasource.***

Datasource Action Items contain a list of all DSAR requests that have been assigned to a particular Datasource Owner. You will only see the action items that YOU are responsible for in this section. 

This section will show all action items along with the following details:

  • Due Date
  • Form Name
  • Datasource 
  • Request Type
  • Status
  • Requestor 

You can click into each request to view and modify any of the additional details, including the following:

  • Status of the request as a whole
    • Assignment In Progress - A DataSource has been Assigned to the request, but the task has not yet been assigned to a specific owner (if applicable) within that Datasource
    • Assigned - A DataSource has been Assigned to the request and the task has been accepted by a specific Datasource Owner
    • In Progress - Task in progress by assigned Datasource Owner
    • Complete - Task Complete. Once completed, the task will appear from ALL Datasource Owners' task list
  • Request Information - The details of this particular request

Data Elements

  • Data Elements associated with this request (ex. First Name, Last Name, Email, Address). Some Datasources will have default Data Elements assigned to them (See "Managing Datasources" for more details.) You may add additional Data Elements to each specific action item if necessary.
    • You may add notes to each of these Data Elements that can be accessed by the overall admin or accessed at a later date (ex. Did not find the First Name Sue, First Name listed Susan)
  • Status of each Data Element (Found/Not Found)
  • Action taken on Data Element
    • Unmodified - No change made to the data record
    • Deleted - Data Element removed entirely 
    • Updated - Data Element changed according to request
    • Redacted - Data Element removed to the extent capable 

Activity Log

  • All of the updates/changes that have taken place on this request over time


Once the Datasource owner(s) has completed this request to the best of their ability, they may mark the request status as "Complete." When you mark the overall status as "Complete", this indicates that all actions related to this specific Datasource request have been completed and all personal information found in the specified Datasource has been acted upon.


Once a Datasource has been marked Completed the details of the request and the actions are taken in the individual Datasource will no longer be visible to the Datasource owner, and further actions for this specific request can not be logged.


Once "Complete" this request is removed from your "Datasource Action Items" list and the status of the overall request is updated to note your Datasource's completion.