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Privacy Document Templates Overview

Osano Privacy Templates are a set of legal and compliance document templates developed by Osano’s global team of privacy experts. These templates provide a starting point for critical privacy program documents such as policies, statements, and contract addendums allowing you to generate these documents faster at lower legal costs. 

Osano Privacy Templates are not legal advice. Please make sure to tailor them to your business and seek legal advice from your own counsel before using them.

Privacy Templates are included in Business, Business+, and Enterprise pricing plan tiers.

Privacy Templates are available in English in multiple formats.

Available Templates

  • California Do Not Sell/Share Statement
  • California Notice of Financial Incentive
  • CCPA/ CPRA Service Provider Addendum
  • Cookie Policy
  • Data Processing Addendum
  • EU Standard Contractual Clauses 
  • GDPR Statement
  • Privacy Policy

Available Formats 

Google Doc is the default format, but you don’t need a Google account to use the templates. You can additionally download the templates in multiple formats including: 

  • Microsoft Word (.docx) 
  • OpenDocument Format (.odt)
  • Rich Text Format (.rft)
  • PDF Document (.pdf)
  • Plain Text (.txt) - Not recommended as you will lose formatting. 
  • Web Page (.html, zipped)
  • EPUB Publication (.epub) 

How to use Privacy Templates

  1. Log in to your Osano accounts on my.osano.com
  2. Select Templates from the sidebar menu
  3. Click on the template to open in a new tab. 
    1. To use as a Google doc File > Make a copy. (You will need a Google account to copy as a Google Doc.) 
    2. To download in additional formats (no Google account needed) select File > Download and choose your format.
  4. Text highlighted in green should be replaced with language specific to your organization. 
  5. Text highlighted in yellow provides tips and guidance. Follow the yellow highlighted instructions and remove the text from your final document.