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Secure Messaging Portal

Communicate directly with your data subjects for updates and questions about their requests.

The Secure Messaging Portal gives Osano customers and users one place – a secure place – to send and track messages about DSARs. Every communication is logged in the portal, so audit histories are simple to generate and view. 

How Secure is Secure Messaging

The Secure Messaging Portal was developed with security and privacy as primary requirements. Email was not developed this way, and email is not a secure way to communicate sensitive information. 

Data in the secure messaging portal is encrypted using industry standards in transit and at rest.

Using Secure Messaging

  • Log in to my.osano.com as an Administrator or a Data Subject Manager. 
  • Expand the Data Subject Requests Menu.
  • Go to Request Submissions.
  • Click into any submission.
  • Here, on the right-hand side of the request, you will see "Message Portal". From this portal, you can send secure messages to your Data Subjects regarding their requests. This portal can be used to offer clarification, ask questions, follow up on status, etc. Your Data Subject can respond to you in kind from the end-user portal

Note: The messenger notifications are currently IN APP ONLY. You will not receive email alerts when users respond to your messages so be sure to check in with them regularly. 

  • To complete the request, from the submission click the Mark Completed or Reject Request button as appropriate. 
    • This will email the Data Subject with a generic notice. If the request was rejected, it will include some generic reasons why a request could have been rejected.
  • If you would like to send the data subject more information about their request completion or why their request was rejected, Send a message in the portal.
  • After a request is completed, you can view the message history by opening the completed request.

End-User Portal 

Data subjects may use the portal to ask questions about their request and understand their request.

Data subjects will be invited to use the portal when they receive the email to verify their email after submitting a DSAR request. They will also be given a link to the portal in every request completion and request rejection emails.

To secure their privacy, data subjects will be asked to verify their email and set a password to use the portal.

Once logged in, they will see any requests they have made with that email. Upon clicking a request, they can see and send messages for that request.