November 2019 Release Notes

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November 13th, 2019 Release

We regularly update the application to include customer-requested features and enhancements. Here's what's new for this update on November 13th, 2019:

New features

  • Consent script stats display - Dashboard display for visitor consents/declines over time.
  • Consent script traffic display - Dashboard display for visitor consent sessions over time.


  • Notification emails sent on first-time script discoveries.
  • Helpdesk conversations now follow your email.
  • Product name now displayed alongside the document (policy) change

Bug fixes

  • Removal of unnecessary console errors
  • HTML seeping into legislative action text
  • Unable to reset password in certain situations
  • Ask analyst conversation status moved from a button (non-clickable) to a badge
  • Fix for babel-polyfill overlap in consent manager