June 2020 Release Notes

  • Updated

This week (06/29/2020), Osano has released some hotfixes to address some functionality limitations within the Osano CMP and to improve some DSAR functionalities. These hotfixes include the following: 




      • Various language translation updates 
      • Country to AWS region mapping performance updates
      • IAB EU 2.0 validation fixes
      • Iframe tattle process fix. This relates to excessive "overrun" emails 
      • Multi-domain CM script support (formerly locked to a single domain except for cross-domain configurations)
      • Various Angular 9 fixes and updates to support 
      • Web components enhancement 
      • Anonymous Script handling enhancements 




    • Ability to remove Proof of Identity file upload as a required field
    • Request submission workflow updated to exclude "Verify Proof of Identity" 
    • Request ID added as a field on the Request Submission Page
    • Email Template generalization + verbiage improvements
    • Request Confirmation Page enhancements