First Layer Categories | Manage Preferences

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By default, Osano provides users in the EU and other selected regions with a cookie banner template that contains toggles for all cookie consent categories. This allows users to make individual consent decisions on the first layer of the cookie banner. This is called "First Layer Categories," and it is enabled by default. 


First Layer Categories Enabled | Default

When enabled, users accessing from the EU (and other select regions) will see a banner with all cookie categories listed on the first layer. Users can navigate to the second layer at any time to make changes to their initial consent.  



First Layer Categories DISABLED | Manage Preferences

When disabled, users accessing from the EU (and other select regions) will see a banner without categories listed (Marketing, Personalization, Analytics). This popup will contain an "Accept All", "Reject All", and a "Manage Preferences" button that takes users to their cookie settings - the second layer - to make desired adjustments. 



Disabling First Layer Categories

  • Log in as an Admin or a Consent Manager.
  • Navigate to Cookie Consent.
  • Create or Edit a Consent Manager configuration.
  • In "Settings," flip the switch labeled "First Layer Categories" off (to the left).
    • NOTE: This setting CANNOT be used in conjunction with IAB EU TCF 2.0. If the IAB EU TCF 2.0 switch is enabled, it will override the First Layer Category switch. 


Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 9.29.07 AM


  • Once the First Layer Categories switch is disabled, the category toggles will be removed from applicable banner templates and replaced with a manage preferences option. You can see this change in the associated regions in the "Styling" tab. 
  • Save and Publish. 

To see which regions are affected by this choice, see "Consent Banner Gallery" and refer to examples 2 and 5. (Note: while this popup applies to most EU locales, there are a select few that will not receive the manage preferences option. See Consent Dialog Regions for additional details.