CSS for Customizing / Styling Osano CMP

  • Updated

Take full control of Osano CMP appearance by overriding CSS classes. Customize the look and feel of CMP dialogs with flexibility. Ensure compatibility across browsers and devices by testing changes on various platforms.

You can override any classes. When overriding classes, please be sure to test your site on multiple browsers and with multiple device types (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop) and at multiple resolutions to ensure that your changes do not alter the users' ability to view the CMP dialogs.

  • .osano-cm-button
  • .osano-cm-buttons
  • .osano-cm-content
  • .osano-cm-description
  • .osano-cm-dialog
  • .osano-cm-info-dialog
  • .osano-cm-info-dialog-close
  • .osano-cm-info-dialog-wrapper
  • .osano-cm-link
  • .osano-cm-toggle
  • .osano-cm-toggle input[type=checkbox]
  • .osano-cm-widget
  • .osano-cm-window
  • .osano-cm-window a.osano-cm-link
  • label.osano-cm-label
  • ul.osano-cm-info-list
  • ul.osano-cm-info-list .osano-cm-label