October 2019 Release Notes

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October 2019 Release

We regularly update the application to include customer-requested features and enhancements. Here's what's new for this update on October 23rd, 2019:

Application Wide

  • Unobtrusive help toasts for the first time you use a new feature to improve onboarding.
  • Removed Gravatars from accounts
  • Better email notifications
  • In-app notifications now clear after viewing a notification
  • Numerous UI enhancements to remove unnecessary scrollbars
  • All users may now contact support to open tickets. SLAs have been implemented for paid tiers, Basic tier users are served on a best-effort basis.


  • Dash indicators are replaced with loading icons

Consent Manager

  • Many minor UI enhancements to make using the configurator more user-friendly
  • Improved preview mode for better evaluation of how your consent dialogs will appear on your website
  • Toggle preview on/off so that the previews do not interrupt editing
  • Added support for RGBA colors with transparency in the configurator
  • The Publish button now provides feedback so that you can easily tell when your changes are live on your website.
  • Renamed Debug mode to "Inactive"
  • Renamed Production mode to "Active"
  • Provide clear visual indicators for the current status of each site configuration
  • Categorization is now smarter, editing a script to contain a domain or domain+path now auto-categorizes all scripts matching those paths. This makes it much easier and faster to configure your blocking rules.
  • Consent manager is now collecting stats on views and consents by category for consumption and analysis. The next release will include visual charts of the trends.
  • Each site configuration may now have only one domain

Policy Changes

  • Clear indicators for whether a change to a policy is substantial or minor

Vendors & Products

  • Numerous UI enhancements
  • Easier to follow products
  • Better indicators for the current follow status for each product
  • Fixed a paging issue when changing the search
  • Easier subprocessor tracking

Stay tuned because there are a lot more updates in the pipeline. Osano generally releases updates on a bi-weekly basis.