Consent Management Infrastructure

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Osano's CMP runs on thousands of edge servers around the globe through Amazon's CloudFront, always delivering files to your end-user from the edge that is closest to them. For Osano customers, this means highly performant loads, likely delivered many times faster than your own website.

When an Osano customer configures a site for CMP, Osano builds every possible combination of language and consent type (which as of this writing is 1,300+ variations for each site configuration). Rather than dynamically generating each of these files at run-time which could result in a reduction in performance, Osano builds these files statically and deploys them to our network of edge servers. The result is an extremely performant, scalable library that will not impact your website load times, in fact, many customers find their website loads faster after implementing Osano CMP.

When a visitor's web browser requests the Osano library from the nearest edge server, Osano includes headers telling the web browser to cache that consent library for 24 hours; this is done to further improve speed. At Osano every millisecond of load time has been calculated intentionally. Generally, you will see sub 20 millisecond load times for a browser on a broadband connection.

Should the Osano customer modify the site configuration preferences, Osano's build system re-deploys to all edge servers. This redeploy can take up to 15 minutes depending upon the current queue. Because Osano servers tell the browser to cache a copy of the library for up to 24 hours, new site configurations may take up to 24 hours for all customers to see. Due to the global nature of this deployment methodology, we encourage Osano customers to modify and publish consent changes infrequently.

As a result of this build system, if you make changes to your deployment and wish to immediately view those changes, you will need to clear your browser's cache.

For full detail on the Osano systems infrastructure, please view our general hosting infrastructure help documentation.