June 2021 Release Notes

  • Updated


  • Language Translation Updates (Please be sure to republish your consent manager configuration(s) to inherit these updates). See all supported languages.
    • Russian
    • Chinese Hong Kong (zh-hk)
    • Chinese Taiwan (zh-tw)
    • Arabic, Hebrew, Persian/Farsi: Right to Left Language Support Updates - UI change for all supported RTL languages. On/Off Toggles made consistent with RTL formatting.
  • Added "Etag" header support.
  • Improved logic around iFrames blocking. This logic has been implemented to address an issue when setting iFrame mode to Permissive, Strict, or Debug.
  • Support for "smooth scroll" for Chromium browsers. CSS enhancements added to CMP to support the smooth scroll functionality in Chromium browsers which is affected by an existing Chromium bug

Bug Fixes

  • Maximum Stack Size Exceeded Console Error Fix - Fixed an issue where setting script-src could negatively impact performance in certain scenarios.