Osano and CCPA

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For a walkthrough of CCPA and the various requirements for compliance, please view Osano’s CCPA Guide or refer to the full text HERE. 

Osano Features that Support CCPA Compliance 

  • Osano Consent Manager - Osano provides a consent manager that both notifies users of their rights at or before the time of collection and allows them to exercise their opt-out rights.
    • 'A business that collects a consumer’s personal information shall, at or before the point of collection, inform consumers as to the categories of personal information to be collected and the purposes for which the categories of personal information shall be used.' - CCPA.
      • CCPA Opt-Out Mode - This feature turns the US banner into an "implied consent" banner which alerts and auto-opts users into cookie categories. 
      • IAB’s Do Not Sell - This feature allows organizations to communicate user Do Not Sell preferences to participating downstream advertisers in the IAB network.
      • Cookie Disclosures - This feature allows organizations to reveal details about the cookies on their site, providing 'Informed and Specific’ Consent. 
  • Data Subject Rights Management - Osano provides web forms and associated workflows for the management of Data Subject Rights requests so that users can execute their data rights under CCPA. 
    • 'If the business maintains an internet website, make the internet website available to consumers to submit requests for information required to be disclosed pursuant to Sections 1798.110 and 1798.115.' - CCPA.
  • Vendor Risk Monitoring - Osano allows organizations to monitor vendors with whom customer information is shared to monitor and assess the potential risk of sharing this information.
  • Privacy Law Monitoring - Osano allows organizations to follow regions in which they do business to receive alerts when there are changes in the privacy landscape of those locations. This allows for proactive and up-to-date monitoring.