Data Subject Request Submissions

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Request Submissions

***NOTE: All Data Store owners MUST be found in Osano in order to be assigned to a Data Store. ***

Request Submissions is where you and your team will manage all DSAR request workflows. This screen contains a list of all DSAR requests submitted to your organization along with the following details:

  • Requestor ID
  • Due
  • Created
  • Last Updated
  • Type
  • Status
  • Form Name
  • Requestor

You can click into each request to manage the workflow for that request. For each, you can: 

  • Reject or Accept Data Subject Request
  • Verify Requestor Identities
  • View Request Details
  • Assign Data Stores
  • Track the Overall Status of the Request
  • View an Audit Log of all Updates made to this Request


You can click into each past request (completed/rejected) to view general information about the request such as when submitted, and an audit log of internal activities performed. All user PII data has been purged.