April 2021 Release Notes (Griswold Release)

  • Updated

All Osano releases are now named after famous contributors in the world of privacy in all shapes and forms! For this release, our team selected Elizabeth Griswold for her contributions to privacy rights. Learn more about Elizabeth Griswold and why we chose her. 

Here's what's new for this Griswold update on April 2021:

NOTE: This release contains changes to the consent manager code base. If possible, please be sure to test any changes in a pre-production environment prior to publishing into production.

New features

  • First Layer Categories
    • EU popup Customization - When disabled, the EU consent popup will display the option to "Accept all" or "Manage Preferences." 
  • Legacy Browser Support 
    • Legacy browser support v. Modern browser support allows users to choose between publishing a version of the Osano Consent Manager that supports legacy browsers or that supports modern browsers only.  
  • Google Consent Mode (Enterprise Only)
    • Osano Consent Manager now supports Google Consent Mode. 


  • Consent Manager Enhancements
    • Additional Language Support for CMP: Croatian and Icelandic 
    • Updated Consent Manager popup in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Czech Republic (CZ).
    • Google Consent Mode Toggle - Consent Mode can now be controlled from the Osano app. 
    • Inclusion of Web Workers - Web Workers allow for web content to run scripts in background threads and can potentially improve performance in supported browsers. 
    • Inline Classifications 
      • Added the ability for customers to add “Inline Classifications” within their own HTML using Osano data tags instead of classifying within the b2b web platform itself.
        • Example HTML: 
        • <script data-osano="ESSENTIAL" src="https://<js-script>.com"></script>

Bug fixes

  • Mobile SDK - Essential Toggle now disabled by default in Android and iOS SDK.
  • Consent Manager - Select iFrame Blocking even when allowed. This has been addressed, and iFrame blocking now functions as expected.