Cookie Disclosures / Cookie Notices

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Cookie popups are used to let your website visitors know that you use cookies. Beyond this, you may want to reveal each individual cookie you utilize on your site, who owns the cookie, and what that cookie does. These are called "Cookie Disclosures" or "Cookie Notices". Cookie Disclosures provide an extra level of transparency for your end-users, allowing them to understand exactly what they are consenting to and building trust along the way. 


Managing your Disclosures 

In Osano, cookie disclosures can be managed from the "Cookie" tab within a consent manager configuration. 

Cookies - NoticeDisclosure


In the cookies section, you will see the option to "Disclose" your cookies by checking the "Disclosed" box. When disclosing cookies, provide the following where possible: 

  • Cookie Name 
  • Cookie Classification
  • Provider (Vendor)
  • Expiry (How long does the cookie last?)
  • Purpose/Description (What is the cookie used for?)
    • The Description field can be edited by using the carrot to the left of the cookie name


Republish your configuration in order for your end-users to begin seeing cookie disclosures. When your cookies are disclosed, they appear in the storage preferences drawer on your website for users to access. 

NOTE: Because it is free-entry text, any Cookie Disclosure information that is entered does not receive the same translation services as the rest of the product. All disclosures will be revealed in the language in which they are written in the Osano admin portal.