Getting Started with Vendor Management

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Osano's vendor management solution allows you to keep track of the privacy practices for all relevant vendors so you can tell who's doing privacy well and who's falling short.  


You're trusting vendors with your customers' data, so it's essential you protect yourself and decide whether they deserve that trust.  


Osano Vendor Inventory    

The Osano vendor inventory gives you a comprehensive view of all the vendors your company interacts with. In the list you will find vendors you have selected to manage and ones discovered in other parts of the platform, for example, vendors associated with cookies in Consent Manager or with Data Stores.  


The vendor inventory provides an overview of essential information about each vendor including its privacy score. To go further and see details such as the vendor’s privacy documents or associated litigation, you can opt to manage the vendor.  


Managing Vendors In Osano  

  • Log in to as an Admin or Monitoring Manager.  
  • Navigate to "Vendors."  
  • You can either select a discovered vendor from your inventory or search for one.  
  • To search click the green "+" in the bottom right-hand corner and enter the vendor name or website domain.  
    • Note: If the vendor doesn't appear at first, try a different spelling. Ex. Instead of Mail Chimp, try Mailchimp to see if the product appears.  
    • If you are unable to find the vendor you are looking for, feel free to submit a support ticket requesting said vendor.  
  • Select the appropriate vendor.  
  • You will see a preview of that vendor’s data.  
  • In order to see the full vendor profile, select “Manage.”  


Once you have chosen to manage a vendor, you will be able to access the associated information.  


Vendor Details    

  • Privacy Score - Understand how the vendor’s privacy practices rank and how they have changed over time. For more information on scoring, read Vendor Scoring.  
  • Documents - Here, you have easy access and links to this vendor's privacy-related documentation.  
  • Domains - This tab lays out all relevant domains associated with this particular vendor and its products and brands.  
  • Litigation - Here, you will find a list of open lawsuits this vendor is involved in in the US court system. You can click on these records for additional details.  
  • Subprocessors - On this tab you will see a list of third-parties who have access to or process personal data from the vendor.  
  • Uploads - Here, you can upload your own documentation related to this vendor. Ex. Security questionnaires, terms of service, etc.