Getting started with the Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)

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Creating and Assigning

  1. Navigate to the Assessments menu item
  2. Select the green + button to create a new assessment
  3. Provide a name and optionally a description for the assessment
  4. Select the DPIA template
  5. Select “Create Assessment”
  6. Select the green + button to create a new assignment within the assessment
    1. You can assign assessment questionnaires to multiple users to complete. These are known as "assignments"
  7. Select a vendor to associate the assignment with
  8. Select a user to be assigned
    1. You may assign yourself or any other user on your account
      1. (Note: only a single user can be assigned to an assignment, but multiple assignments can be assigned within a single assessment) 
  9. Select “Create Assignment”
    1. You may create multiple assignments
  10. The assignee will then be able to access their assignments to complete


Completing the assignment

  1. Select one of your assignments
    1. All your assignments are available on the My Assignments tab
  2. Begin to fill in the information
  3. As you type your progress will be displayed in the progress bar
  4. As you move from question to question using the next button, your progress will be saved
    1. The question you are currently answering will be highlighted light purple as you move through the form
    2. Sections that have filled in answers will have a dark purple bar next to them
    3. Sections you have not visited in will have a black bar to the left
    4. Required sections that have not been completed will have a red bar to the left
  5. You may also save by selecting the “Save” button at the top of the form
  6. Once you have completed your assignment, click review to see all your answer
  7. Once you click submit, your assignment will be complete and sent to the assessment administrator for review


Closing the Assessment


Assessment managers and admins may close an assessment once all the necessary assignments have been completed.


  1. Once all the assessments you want to collect have been completed, click the “Complete” button
  2. You will be able to review all the assignments that have been completed
  3. Click “Close Assessment”
  4. You will then be given the opportunity to print and review the assignment responses