June 2020 Release Notes (Brandeis Release)

  • Updated

Releases are now named after famous contributors in the world of privacy. For this first named release, our team selected Louis Brandeis for his contributions to privacy rights. Learn more about Louis Brandeis and why we chose him.

We regularly update the application to include customer-requested features and enhancements. Many enhancements are not visible in this release but are performance and reliability-focused.

Here's what's new for this Brandeis update on June 1st, 2020:

New features

  • Save time with Automated script and cookie classifications.
  • Matching and quick importing of automated classifications.
  • Regular expressions are now supported for classification rules.
  • Cookie disclosure management is now managed within the classification interface.
  • Added sitemap scanning feature for enterprise customers. Enter your sitemap and Osano will automatically crawl and analyze your website for cookies and scripts in addition to the real-time scans.
  • URL and sitemap scanning occurs nearly immediately after creation and runs every 30 days thereafter.
  • Associate scripts and cookies with one of the more than 10,000 Osano rated vendors
  • Known scripts and cookies auto map to the appropriate vendor
  • Osano cookies are automatically disclosed to your end-users and are maintained by Osano so you do not need to manually disclose consent management cookies.


  • Developers - Official public consent management API is now available. Addition of new Consent Manager script API functions: see product documentation for the updates.
  • Security - Multi-Factor Authentication is now mandatory for all users. SMS support for all phone numbers worldwide as well as TOTP authenticator app (Authy, Google Auth, 1Pass) applications.
  • Ground-up rewrite of consent management for improved performance and extensibility.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Consent Manager publish status disappearing intermittently.
  • Notification update polling reliability fix.
  • Enterprise customers occasionally did not receive access to all enterprise features.
  • DSAR Form submission error on older browsers
  • Various publishing improvements and bug fixes
  • DSAR scrolling fix on smaller browsers
  • IE 11 bug involving the Next.js framework
  • iPhone XR visibility issue with consent manager drawer save preference button
  • Specific cookies with extra flags were not being discovered during the scheduled scans.