Vendor Assignment

  • Updated

Organizations looking to apportion management of their vendors can now assign them to users on their Osano account. Vendor assignment is an optional feature that allows users to focus their efforts on a specific subset of all the vendors on their account. Users can toggle between viewing only their assigned vendors or all managed vendors.  



Assign a vendor to a user or organization  

  1. Navigate to one of your managed vendors then to the settings tab  
  2. Select the green +  
  3. Select to assign either an organization or a user  
  4. Find the organization or user in the list  
  5. Select “Save”  
  6. To remove an assigned user and undo the assignment, select the trash can icon next to their name    


Bulk Assignment  

  1. In your vendor inventory, select the vendors you want to assign by clicking the checkbox in their rows or by clicking the checkbox in the header to select all.  
  2. To assign the selected vendors to an organization  
    1. Click the organization icon then search for the desired organizations  
    2. Once the correct organizations have been found, click “Save”  
  3. To assign the selected vendors to users  
    1. Click the user icon then search for the desired user names  
    2. Once the correct users have been found, click “Save”  


To see only vendors assigned to you, click the “Assigned to Me” toggle in the vendor filter menu.