Vendor Discovery reference

  • Updated

In order to help you identify all your vendors and make sure that you are managing them for privacy risk, Osano’s Vendor Discovery automates adding vendors to your vendor inventory. 

  1. In Consent Management, classify your discovered cookies and scripts.  
  2. In Data Stores, add an automated data store.  
  3. The vendors associated with all your cookies, scripts, and data stores will automatically appear in your vendor inventory allowing you to manage vendor privacy risk more effectively and efficiently.   
  4. For each discovered vendor in your list, you will see a vendor profile, with essential information including their score.  
  5. For greater detail you can choose to follow critical vendors to access information such as their privacy policies and other critical documents, their sub processors, and litigation against them.   
  6. If you remove the origin of the vendor (i.e., the cookie, script, or data store that it is associated with), the vendor will also be removed from your vendor inventory.