Split Payload Setting

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What does split payload do?

Over time we’ve completed a series of backend publishing process and file structure optimizations to decrease the size of the osano.js bundle size. Part of this effort includes an optional setting for splitting the osano.js core logic into multiple backend files and requests so that the highest priority requests are loaded earlier and then subsequent lower priority requests load asynchronously after the DOM is ready.

Load ordering for split payload

  1. Perform cookie/script/iframe blocking based on defined rules.
  2. Upon DOM ready:
    1. Load UI script
    2. Load localized translations.
  3. When both resources are fully loaded, display the CMP UI (banner, preferences drawer, widget).

This request ordering allows our CMP and your site, to load more efficiently and improve certain site metrics such as:

  • First Contentful Paint (FCP)
  • Largest Contentful Pain (LCP)

For more information on these site metrics and how they are calculated, we recommend reviewing the Core Web Vitals project.


Enabling Split Payload

The setting can be accessed on the Settings tab of your Consent Management configurations. If you are unable to see this option on the Settings tab, please contact your Osano account representative.

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