Understanding Applications

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The Applications page contains a list of all applications discovered by sources you've created on the Sources page. Applications represent systems that may need to be integrated into your data map and continuously monitored for PI.


How do I use this page?

First, ignore discovered applications that do not need to be monitored for PI. Inactive applications discovered from automated sources (like an SSO) will automatically be ignored.

Second, assign discovered applications that represent a data store that already exists to that data store.

Third, create new data stores for discovered applications that cannot be assigned to an existing data store.

The goal here is to ensure all applications that need to be monitored for PI are integrated into your data map so that updates made at an application's source automatically pass through to the data store an application is assigned to.


How do I review applications?

An application can be reviewed individually by clicking the 'Review' button on that application row:


Clicking the 'Review' button open the 'Review Application' modal allowing you to create a new data store with this application assigned to it, assign this application to an existing data store, or ignore this application:

Review Application


Applications can also be reviewed in bulk by selecting the applications you'd like to bulk review and then clicking the 'Review' button at the top right of the applications table:



Applications reviewed in bulk can be ignored or assigned to newly created data stores but cannot be assigned to existing data stores:

Review Applications


How do I view a data store an application is assigned to?

Applications assigned to data stores display the name of the data store they're assigned to in the 'Data Store' column:

Assigned Apps


You can click on the name of data store assigned an application to navigate directly to that data store. You can also navigate directly to the Data Stores page to view all data stores.


How do I view ignored applications?

By default, ignored applications do not display on the applications page. You can view ignored applications by filtering to view ignored data stores using the filter at the top right of the applications table: