Configuring Azure Active Directory for SSO

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  1. Log in to your Azure dashboard as an administrator. 
  2. Navigate to the Azure Active Directory dashboard. Remember to share your authentication domain, in the case below ***, with Osano.
  3. Navigate to "Enterprise applications".
  4. Click the "Create your own application" button.
  5. Fill in an application name, such as "Osano" and click the "Create" button.
  6. Assign users and or groups to your application, then move on to "Set up single sign on".
  7. Select SAML for your single sign-on method.
  8. Configure your SAML SSO with the following fields:
    1. Identifier (Entity ID)
    2. Reply URL
    c. Sign on URL


  9. In the "Attributes and Claims" section, check that claims with the following names exist:
    3. Each of the above can be given a value of:
  10. Download your SAML metadata XML file and send to Osano.
    Azure AD SAML metadata download-1