April 2020 Release Notes

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April 15th, 2020 Release

We regularly update Osano to include customer-requested features and enhancements. Here's what's new for this update on April 15th, 2020:

New features

  • Added DSAR forms editor where customers can create multiple, customizable forms, change styling, and create custom form fields for DSAR submission handling.
  • Added pre-fillable DSAR form fields where customers can inject form field inputs (such as a user's name, or unique user identifier) into their DSAR form.
  • Added DSAR data elements for tracking a customer's commonly used data items (ex. first_name, last_name, email) for handling DSAR requests across their various datasources.
  • Added user role “DSAR datasource Owners” to the Osano web application. Formerly, administrators were required to perform tracking datasource request completion.
  • Added the ability to specify Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) notification frequency preferences.
  • Added a DSAR activity history log for both data requests and datasource action items.
  • Added DSAR event in-application notifications.
  • New prioritized (require action) notifications that alert in the app and are always found at the top of a notifications list.
  • Added immediate notification on datasource owner request assignments.


  • Added external data field "extUserData" (128 characters) to consent record operations. Useful for recording the customer's unique user id for the consenting user and making consent records searchable by this field.
  • Privacy legislation section reformatted for consistency.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for IAB EU v2 consent manager event listener not populating 'cmpuishown' event status correctly.
  • DSAR new datasource displaying incorrect datasource name in event email notification.