Osano Data Licensing

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Osano’s data-licensing agreement allows customers access to Osano’s proprietary data set, scoring companies on their privacy practices. 

The scores are compiled by a team of Osano’s privacy attorneys and are updated every 24 hours to reflect any policy changes. Osano data-licensing partners receive scores, daily if preferred, in a JSON file indicating the company’s score and the three areas (cookie policy, user choice disclosures, etc.) in which the company was rated as needing improvement.

The Osano partner API offers the following three features:

  • Search the existing analyzed domains in our dataset.
  • Request a new domain analysis.
  • Retrieve a scoring report URL.

The documentation for these new services can be found HERE

The base path URL for these new services is.

Your existing provisioned API key can be used to authenticate any request by putting the key in the "x-API-key" header as usual.

**The Osano Team must provide partners with their respective API keys. If you are an Osano Data Licensing customer and have not already received your API key, please contact Osano support. **