DSAR phone submission

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Osano allows companies to create voice forms via phone submission as well as web forms. 

Voice DSAR forms allow customers to further automate phone submissions. Transcribed phone submissions will populate under your Request Submissions, with playback and edit options for each field. 

To utilize this feature, you must have (1) an Osano Enterprise account (2) a Twilio.com account with a compatible phone number. Once you provide a Twilio number for users to call, they will be prompted to verbally fill out a pre-recorded DSAR form that they can submit to your organization. From there, you can process the request via our Webapp along with your web form requests.

To set up your DSAR Phone Submission form, you will need to configure both a form in Osano and a phone number in Twilio. 


Setup within the Osano Platform:

  • Login to Osano
  • Go to Subject Rights
  • Forms


  • Create a new form. For details on setting up forms, see Creating a Request Submission Form
    • Adjust the form settings and the Form Fields 
  • Now send the form identifier (ex. osano.com/dsar-forms/297/details) to Osano via the support channel or via your Osano success representative and move onto the next step in the process, setting up Twilio. 


Setup within the Twilio Platform: 

Go to Twilio.com and create an account. Twilio has "pay as you go" options as well as more complex plans. At a minimum, users will need a Programmable Voice account.

Once you have created your account, follow these steps:  

  • Login to Twilio. 
  • Click the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen under the dashboard.
  • Navigate to "Super Network" -> "Phone numbers" (Note: you can use the pin icon for easy access in the future).

  • Under "Phone Numbers," navigate to "Buy a Number."
  • Buy a number with your desired area code -> 
    • Ensure it has the following capabilities: 
      • Voice - Required 
      • SMS - Optional as this may be supported in the future.
  • Purchase the desired number. 

  • Once purchased, you can find this number listed in “Active Numbers.”
  • Go to Active Numbers and click on the desired number to configure.
  • Under Voice & Fax, go to “A call comes in” -> "Webhook." 
  • Insert the Osano Webhook URL: https://dsar.api.osano.com/twilio

  • Click “Save.” 
  • That's it! You're all set up in Twilio. 

Now, send the phone number (area code and country code included) to Osano via the support channel or via your Osano success representative. Osano will configure the provided webhook to ask the questions you have defined within the DSAR form submitted and update you when ready for production. 

Congratulations! You now have a compliant toll-free phone number without training agents on how to intake requests.

Once confirmed, the end-user can call the number provided to submit a DSAR form. 

When forms are received via this number, the submission and related workflows will remain the same as all other requests, with the exception that the Twilio responses will also contain an attached audio file and the ability to edit entries if transcription was incorrect.