Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

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What is RBAC?

Role-based access controls (RBAC) allow Osano administrators to restrict application access based on a person's role within the application. The roles in RBAC refer to the levels of access that employees have to the Osano application.

User access takes into consideration a multitude of factors, including authority, responsibility, and job function. Access can also be limited to specific product features and provide the ability to view, create, or modify those features. This control allows users to focus on relevant tasks while restricting access to features and tasks outside their access level.

Osano user roles can be used in conjunction with organizations to allow for greater granularity across and within Osano features. 


User Roles

All user roles have access to Dashboard and account settings. 

To see a detailed breakdown of user roles view this sheet on User Roles.

  • Admin 
  • Advisory Manager 
  • Assessment Admin
  • Assessment Manager
  • Assessment Viewer
  • Consent Manager 
  • Consent Viewer 
  • Data Mapping Manager
  • Data Mapping Viewer
  • Subject Rights Manager
  • Subject Rights Assignee
  • Monitoring Manager 
  • TrustHub Admin
  • TrustHub Editor