Performance Enhancement and Size Reduction (2021)

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Summary of Enhancements 

The following features/improvements were developed and deployed in 2021 to address customer concerns around the consent manager JavaScript package size and page speed/performance concerns. 

Modern vs. Legacy Browser Support 

    • When disabled, the CMP script will no longer support legacy browsers and the payload size is reduced.

Inline Classification 

    • Osano now supports the idea of Inline Classifications which allow developers to add in classifications within their own HTML using Osano data tags and, in turn, can improve performance metrics. 

IAB Code Build Removal 

    • Osano provides the ability for customers to implement the IAB TCF 2.0 Framework. This setting can be enabled or disabled in your "Settings" section for your configuration. 

      As of April 2021, when the IAB TCF 2.0 switch is disabled, the code to support the framework is excluded from the osano.js on "Publish". This reduces the resulting package size. 

Utilization of Web Workers 

    • As of April 2021, the Osano Consent Manager Script utilizes "Web Workers." Web workers allow for the off-loading of classification of async scripts to web-works, which can potentially cut down processing time though not guaranteed. 

Compression Enhancements for qualifying browsers

    • As of May 2021, the Osano Consent Manager script has been updated to utilize Brotli compression. This allows for a reduction to the compressed package size of the Osano CMP script on browsers that support this method of compression. 
      • Google Chrome: Chrome 49+
      • Microsoft Edge: Edge 60+
      • Mozilla Firefox: Firefox 44+
      • Opera: Opera 36+

Removed/Reduced Extraneous Dependencies

    • This includes various changes made to the Osano CMP bundle. The details of these enhancements are not available in this document. 


Testing Scenarios

CMP Script Base Size *Base Size is the Osano Script with no rules, classifications, disclosures, etc. The size will change on a case-by-case basis depending on configuration settings and rule sets.

Test 1: 

    • Modern Browser Support
    • No IAB TCF
    • Chrome 
    • Size: 43-48k gzipped

Test 2:

    • Modern Browser Support 
    • IAB TCF turned ON
    • Chrome 
    • 50-55k gzipped

Test 3: 

    • Legacy Browser Support
    • No IAB TCF
    • Chrome
    • 65-70k gzipped

Test 4: 

    • Legacy Browser Support
    • IAB TCF turned ON
    • Chrome
    • 73-78k gzipped