Measuring Traffic

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Depending on your tier of service with Osano, you may have limits on monthly traffic (also known as consent views).


How does Osano define traffic?

Traffic is calculated as a single visitor requesting the Osano CMP library (the osano.js) from one of our servers per 24-hour period. Traffic is calculated irrespective of whether a new consent dialog is displayed to the end-user.

Prior to implementation, organizations can estimate their traffic in two ways: 

  • Average Daily Active Users ("DAU"): Most similar to the definition of traffic above
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: Not as accurate as DAUs but gives a general ballpark.
Both metrics and the traffic as defined by other analytics tools and trackers such as Google Analytics will differ from the traffic seen in Osano.

What if I see differences in Osano and other applications?

There are a handful of reasons you may see a traffic variance, including but not limited to: 
  • Differences in the definition of "traffic" between tools. See above for Osano definition. 
  • Low to medium opt-in rates. When Osano is enabled, there will be certain locations where analytics trackers are turned OFF by default based on privacy laws. Because of this, tracking of those users will not occur in your analytics tools which can cause traffic numbers to appear lower than they do in Osano. Depending on your analytics tool(s) of choice, there may be options available to fill in some of these data gaps (ex. Google consent mode) but note that, due to the nature of compliance, analytics tracking will be affected by opt-out rates.
  • The overall Osano account may be managing domains that are not reflected in the applicable Analytics Tool. Total traffic for the Osano account measures traffic from across all managed domains. 
  • Load testing or unit testing occurred in your production site that inflated your traffic count.
  • Bot traffic that may have been excluded from internal reporting may have occurred in your production site that inflated your traffic count.