Assessments reference

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On the Assessments menu item, you will find information about assessments that you have access to.


Name is the name that has been given to that assessment. This is a custom field that is filled out when the assessment is created.

Assessment Manager is the Osano user who created the assessment and is responsible for reviewing and submitting it.

Assigned To shows who has been assigned to participate in each assessment.

Due shows the due date.

Reporting shows the completion percentage of the assessment.

The trash can icon allows for an assessment to be deleted.

Assessments can be selected with the checkbox for bulk deletion.

Each assessment is made up of assignments that allow you to delegate completion of the questionnaire to other Osano users on your account or to third parties. Similar to the Assessments view, in the Assignment view you will find information about the assignments that make up the assessment.

At the top is the progress bar that will calculate the collective completed percentage.

Set Due Date allows you to set the deadline for the assessment.