Configuring OneLogin for SSO

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Configuring OneLogin for SSO (SAML)

Note: You must have an account with admin privileges to complete this setup.

  • Log in to your provider as an administrator. 
  • Click Create New Application. 
  • In the App Name field, enter a name (ex. Osano).
  • Enter the following:
    • Single sign-on URL:
    • Identifier/Entity ID (Audience URI): urn:amazon:cognito:sp:us-east-1_7GtagkRKw
  • In your application, choose Add parameter to create a new, custom parameter.
  • Create two parameters: In the New Field dialog, for Field name, enter the following:
  • For value on both of the above parameters, enter email
  • For Flags, select the Include in SAML assertion check box.
  • Save your application. 
  • Once the application is created, provide a metadata document or a URL to the metadata document to your Osano Support Representative.
  • Once provided, Osano will configure these settings for your account, and the connection is established.
  • Navigate to and enter your email. 
  • You will now be directed to log in via your organization’s SSO.