Configuring Google for SSO

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General Steps to Configure SSO via OIDC for Google SSO

Note: the Osano App is not available in GSuite Marketplace. It must be set up via OIDC.

  • Log in to your
  • Select API Manager
  • Create a new application
  • Select Web Application and fill the form on the screen.
    • Choose the name of the Apps
    • Add Authorized JavaScript Origins -
    • Add Authorized redirect URIs  -  https:/  
  • Your new application will look like the following:

  • Save Client ID (ID and Secret) information and send them to your Osano administrator. 

Osano will require: 

  • client_id = "your_ID"
  • client_secret = "your_secret"
  • oidc_issuer = example ""
  • domains = [""]