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The Sources page contains a list of all of the authoritative sources of information used to populate your data inventory and automatically keep it up to date. These sources can be systems (like SSOs) that automatically update your data inventory every 24 hours as well as people (via assessments) that automatically update your data inventory when renewing their assigned assessments on a cadence defined on the assessment.


Data Mapping - Sources.png


How do I use this page?

First, identify the sources you'll need to create to ensure all applications used by your company that process PI today or might in the future will be automatically discovered.

The goal here is guarantee as best you can that your data inventory is complete i.e. it contains a list of all data stores your company is responsible for. A good source to start with (if your company uses one) is an SSO since this single source contains many of the applications used by your company.

Second, create the identified sources, authenticating automated sources with the highest level of credentials possible. This ensures each source has permission to discover ALL the applications it manages.

Third, review discovered applications on the Applications page to integrate discovered applications into your data map and ensure updates from sources automatically flow into your data inventory. 


How do I create a source?

To create a new source, first click the 'Add Source' icon at the bottom right of the sources table.

Data Mapping - Sources Table.png

In the 'New Source' modal that displays enter the source type, nameowners (if desired), and authentication credentials (if applicable). Then click 'Save'. The source will appear in the sources table, queued for an update.


When will sources update?

Automated sources (like an SSO) will attempt to update immediately after being created. Once created they will attempt to update every 24 hours. 

Manual sources (like an assessment) will update when they receive a response from a source owner.

When a source has successfully been updated it will display the number of applications discovered in the Applications column along with the total number of applications needing review in the Completion column.


What should I do with discovered applications?

Discovered applications should be reviewed on the Applications page.

You can click on the text in the Applications or Completion columns to quickly navigate to the Applications tab to review a particular source's discovered applications. You can also review applications directly by navigating to the Applications page from the Data Mapping section of Osano's navigation panel:


Data Mapping - Applications.png


How do I edit a source?

Clicking the pencil icon on a source will open a 'Manage Source' modal allowing you to edit the name, owners, and authentication credentials for that source.

How do I delete a source?

Clicking on the trashcan icon will display a 'Confirm Delete' modal prompting you to confirm deletion of a source prior to deleting it.

Deleting a source will delete any applications that source has discovered but WILL NOT delete any data stores those discovered applications have been assigned to.