Assessments as Sources

How do I create a source for my data map from an assessment?

There are two ways to create a source for your data map from an assessment. You can create sources from assessments on the Sources page. You can also create sources from assessments on the Assessments page.


Creating from the Sources page

First navigate to the Sources page within the Data Mapping section of the left-hand navigation panel:




Next, click on the plus icon at the bottom right of the sources table to open the new source modal and select 'Assessment' as the source type:


New Assessment-1


Next, select the Assessment Template you'd like to use as a source. Only assessment templates capable of sourcing your data map will display in this list.

  • Enter a Name for the source to identify it on your data map (e.g. Application Discovery Survey - Department Heads), then optionally enter an internal description for the source.
  • Enter a Start Date and End Date to establish the assessment period the assessment is supposed to cover. For example, if the plan is for a yearly application disocvery survey, you might want the start date to be Jan. 1 of the current year and the end date to be Dec. 31 of the current year.
  • Enter a Due Date to specify when you'd like assessment assignees to complete the assessment by. 
  • Then enter a Review Cadence to establish how often you'd like the assessment to be re-sent to assignees to verify that the answers given the previous assessment period are still accurate. 
  • Finally, you can choose to assign the assessment either to all users listed in Osano or to assign the survey only to users in Osano assigned a certain organization. If you want to send an application discovery survey only to department heads (for example) you could create a 'Department Heads' organization in Osano and then assign that organization to all department heads.

Once you've created an assessment as a source it will appear on the Sources page alongside any other sources you've created:


Assessment as a Source


Assessments created from the Sources page will also automatically appear on the Assessments page, alongside any other assessments you've created:


Assessments as Sources


Creating from the Assessments page

First, navigate to the Assessments page within the Assessments section of the left-hand navigation panel:


From Assessments


Then click to create an assessment and select an assessment template from the dropdown capable of updating the data map: 

Enter information in the required fields to create the assessment. Once created, it will appear on the Assessments page alongside any other assessments you've created and will also appear on the Sources page alongside any other sources you've created.


Managing sources created from assessments

Because sources created from assessments do not automatically discover new applications, the Applications column for these sources will initially display the message 'Waiting on Participants' until the day after at least one assignee finalizes their assessment. This is to give assessment assignees time to respond with their answers.  The Completion column for these sources will also initially display the message 'Results available on' until the assessment due date: 


Assessment as a Source


Once the assessment due date is reached, the Completion column will track the current progress made toward reviewing all applications discovered by the source in the same manner as it tracks completion progress for sources created from systems.

To view the progress made toward completing individual assignments by assignees you can click the edit pencil icon on the source row to open the Assessment configuration page for that assessment:




Here you can review the status of individual assignments as well as modify the assessment due date and assessment cadence.


Reviewing discovered applications

Reviewing applications discovered by assessments works in much the same way as reviewing applications discovered by systems. However, applications discovered by assessments will display the number of users who reported that application on their finalized assessment below the name of the application and the in the Status column will display a ' – '.


Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 4.39.04 PM


When these applications are assigned to data stores, the number of users who reported this application on their assessments will also display in the Applications section on the data store:


Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 3.25.48 PM


Cadences on sources from assessments

Once the assessment end date is reached the assessment will be renewed and cover the period specified as that assessment's cadence.

If the original assessment ran from an assessment start date of 01/01/2023 to an assessment end date of 12/31/2024 and had a cadence of 365 days on 01/01/2024 a new assessment would be created from the original with a start date of 01/01/2024, and an end date of 12/31/2024.

The assessment due date on the renewed assessment would automatically be scheduled to align with the due date on the original assessment; if the original assessment due date was 03/31/2023, the new due date would be 03/31/2024.

When the assessment is renewed it will also trigger assignments to all users who currently meet the assignment conditions for that assessment. If users have been removed from an assessment that was assigned to an organization those removed users will not receive an assignment when the assessment is renewed. Users added to this organization on the other hand would receive an assignment at renewal.

One major benefit of assessments scheduled through Osano is that answers given by an assignee on the first assessment automatically carry over and are pre-filled when that assignee receives the assessment at renewal. If a user originally answered the following on their first assessment, these are the answers they will start with at renewal, instead of needing to re-add everything they'd already added the first time around:


Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 4.50.35 PM


Sourceable Assessment Templates List

The following is a list of currently available assessment templates capable of sourcing information to the data map. Additional templates and functionality for utilizing assessments to source information will be added throughout 2024. Any feedback about additional templates or functionality desired would be much appreciated.

Name Description
Application Discovery Survey This survey can be sent to all users within Osano or users assigned to an organization to solicit information about the applications those users have access to. The purpose of this survey is to discover potential sources of PI not discoverable through automation i.e. shadow IT, PI stored conventionally, etc.


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