Publish or Republish Cookie Consent

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After installing the Osano cookie consent code on your website, you won't need to manually update it. Simply make any changes in the Osano admin portal and publish them. Your Osano JavaScript will automatically reflect these updates, including your newest settings and choices.


To publish or republish your cookie consent code, log in to the Osano Admin portal, go to Cookie consent, and select the configuration you want to modify.


Look for a button in the top right corner labeled one of the following: live, save changes, or publish.

If it shows "live", make a change of some sort to your configuration. After you make a change, the button will then change to "save changes".


Cookie Consent - Live Button.png


If it shows "save changes", click it to save your modifications.

Cookie Consent - Save Changes Button.png


Once saved, the button will then change to "publish". Click the "publish" button to apply your changes to your cookie consent script.


Cookie Consent - Publish Button.png


You will be asked if you want to keep and publish or clear and publish.

  • Clear and Publish: Your list of scripts and cookies in the cookie consent administration interface will be cleared to make room for new discoveries. Your rules will cover all of the scripts and cookies you have categorized, even if they don’t appear here in the interface.
  • Keep and Publish: Leave all of your uncategorized scripts and cookies here for later review.

You will also be asked to provide notes regarding what changed in this configuration that will be associated with your versioning functionality. We recommend writing a brief note about the changes made.


Cookie Consent - Publish Modal.png


It may take up to 15 minutes for the changes to take effect. If you're testing and want to see them immediately after publishing, consider clearing your cache or testing in an Incognito window for returning visitors.

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