Embedding the Unified Consent and Preference Hub

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Follow these 3 simple steps to embed your preference center in your website. If you have not yet setup your preference hub, you will want to first review the steps for creating a configuration.

Steps to complete

  1. Confirm all valid domains are added and publish the configuration
  2. Retrieve the iframe code snippet to insert in the body of the website page
  3. Paste the Consent Security Policy (CSP) and Javascript SDK code into the head of your website

Configuring your domains & Publish

Under the settings in your configuration, ensure that all necessary domains and subdomains a Preference Ceneter should render from have been added.


Once that has been done, click the save and hit the publish button in the top corner of the page. 


Retrieve the code snippets

Click the ‘Get Code’ button on the top right of the page to retrieve code snippets to insert into the parent site. You can click the 'Copy to clipboard' buttons to easily copy the code to your clipboard.

From here, you will want to embed the iframe code snippet into the body of the page on your website where you would like users to be able to update their consents and preferences. We recommend adding any additional attributes to the iframe that you may want to address the size and height of the iframe at this time as well. 

The last step is to copy the code that enables a Content Security Policy to have the iframe successfully load on the parent site and add in the link to the Javascript SDK. Copy the code snippet from the Get Code popup and insert it into the head of your site. 

Once completed, you can now publish your website and begin collecting consents.